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Your Male Lifestyle and Your Hair

How your lifestyle as a male affects the quality of your hair and your hair loss

Your hair grows from follicles in your scalp that are being fed a constant supply of nutrients through the circulatory system. In turn, these nutrients come from the foods you eat, and how those essential hair nutrients are actually delivered is subject to the state of your own health. There is no two ways about it.

The above explains why you will have seen many movie stars (male actors) with great hair and many of them are not affected by hair loss. Why? Because their income depends on their image and of course their hair as hair is the first thing you notice about a man. These movie stars turn to nutritionists, doctors and exercise professionals to get the right lifestyle and health in order to get the most out of their hair improving efforts.

How can I get better hair with a change in my male lifestyle?

Your lifestyle depends on how you use your body and how you feed your body. In his bestselling men’s health book, The Men’s Hair Book, famous men’s hair expert Rogelio Samson, owner of Men’s Hair Blog (, emphasizes the importance of good health so as to achieve great hair as a male and be able to grow thick and strong locks of hair while protecting oneself from male hair loss.

For example, the thyroid is of the utmost importance for growing hair fast and strong. Your thyroid regulates your body’s metabolism and how nutrients are used to either build tissue (including hair) or destroy tissue. Rogelio Samson writes in The Men’s Hair Book that not only the thyroid is responsible for high quality hair and fast hair growth but also your sexual hormone levels and your insulin levels are involved in growing exceptional hair. As a matter of fact Rogelio recommends in The Men’s Hair Book to test your current hormone levels and keep a yearly track of them to know what is going on with your health and hair.

Brad Pitt with long hair when he was young.

Brad Pitt with long hair!

Eat a good diet for better hair and avoiding male hair loss

A major lifestyle change for better hair (and health) has to do with your diet.Going back to actors using lifestyle tricks to get great hair, Brad Pitt has confessed to paying attention to his diet so as to keep his hair in shape as well as his body, and Zac Efron, who is well known for his cool side fringe hairstyle, has mentioned that he follows a healthy diet to ensure his hairstyles always look the part without having to require styling assistance from Hollywood hairstylists!

While you should always make any changes in your diet while being supervised by your doctor and a nutritionist, you should be making small lifestyle changes to encourage better hair growth, stronger hair strands and escape the hair loss disorder of male pattern baldness (MPB). Some of the nutritional changes you can do for overall better hair as a male include:

  • Eat less processed foods, the closer to nature the food is the better. This ensures that you get the most nutrients from your food and consequently to your hair follicles for better hair growth.
  • Avoid foods that have had sugar added to enhance the taste. Too much sugar can lead in the long term to Type II diabetes. Diabetes, be it Type I or II, affects the rate of hair growth by slowing it down and creates inflammation in the scalp which will enhance male pattern baldness if you’re genetically predisposed to this type of hair loss.
  • Avoid foods that have additives (other than sugar) added to enhance the taste of the food or preserve the condition of the food. Some of the good additives allowed that foods can have include salt and naturally occurring additives such as citric acid. This nutritional fact has to do with not knowing really what you eat and how any of these “unknown” additives can cause hair loss.
  • Eat less frequently. This is a trick of Rogelio Samson in his book The Men’s Hair Book by which he mentions he uses this trick for better hair as he only eats once a day. By eating once a day, Rogelio is keeping his daily blood sugar levels low which then has a cause-effect of less scalp inflammation. Check Rogelio’s book or blog to see for yourself how this trick among the many others he writes in his bestselling book work for him (hint: he has the thickest curly hair you will see on a man).
  • Take extra nutrients in the form of nutritional supplements. This is key in better hair growth as there are some vitamins and minerals that men generally lack in their diet such as zinc, vitamin C and vitamin A, and in The Men’s Hair Book you will find a big list of nutrients to use and take for better hair.

Exercise more for better hair

Exercise, both aerobic such as running and anaerobic such as weight training, helps with enhancing the nutrient delivery in your body. This means that your hair follicles will have a more optimal supply of nutrients as the blood is carried more efficient through the circulatory system of your body.

Exercise also helps with fighting free radicals that are formed as part of eating and breathing. Free radicals are one of the main causes of systemic inflammation and by default scalp inflammation. Once your scalp is inflamed, the nutrient delivery to the hair follicles is impaired, meaning that your hair strands will not be as strong and grow as fast as with better nutrient delivery.

Avoid smoking and binge drinking for better hair

Smoking directly impairs nutrient delivery to your hair follicles, minimizing the amount of nutrients ingested and delivered to feed your hair follicles and finally yield better and stronger hair. No matter how good your nutrition for better hair may be, if you’re smoking then you’re shooting yourself in the foot no matter the amount of nutrients you ingest. Quitting the smoking of cigarettes will also improve your health and your lifestyle, so it’s a triple winner.

Alcohol has an indirect effect on growing your hair. Alcohol lowers your testosterone for 2 to 3 days after drinking over 3 units of alcohol and alcohol has your body converting your testosterone to estrogen (the female hormone!). Now, if you are binge drinking as in getting drunk every other day, that means that you are constantly running low on testosterone (up to 50% according to several studies) and you have increased estrogen levels constantly. Testosterone aids in growing stronger hair as it directly boosts your metabolism and ensures that your body is constantly building (anabolism) as opposed to destroying (catabolism) body tissues including hair

Avoid binge drinking if you want to have great hair that grows fast and that has strong hair strands that can withstand male pattern baldness and other types of male hair loss.

Conclusion to how your male lifestyle affects the quality of your hair as well as its quantity

It certainly is easier said than done. The message to take home however, is clear: if you want, as a male, better hair and avoid male pattern baldness, you should be improving your diet and nutrition, be exercising more and avoiding smoking and binge drinking. This doesn’t mean that you should be implementing these lifestyle changes in this very moment, but you should certainly be slowly changing your lifestyle, step by step for better hair and of course better health!